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Who is Lucia Montanaro?

Lucia Montanaro is a Leadership Mastery and Life Transformation Coach. Director of LUZ Coaching and trained by world-renowned leaders in the coaching field: Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor, notably in Strategic intervention coaching and thinking into results.

My mission is to inspire you to live a fulfilling life and contribute to a better world.

I focus on guiding leaders to living fulfilling lives, realising their full potential. I provide support and coaching to leaders to take the steps to be the best version of themselves so that you thrive in your professional career and live a fulfulling life. I help you master the attributes of a great leader.


I help women leaders navigate change, overcome frustration, overwhelm and feeling stuck to take back control of their lives, and redesign their life on their own terms; gaining clarity, confidence, and direction in the process. I coach leaders to live fulfilling lives so they can blossom to their full potential in the different areas of their life.

I have also contributed to improving the lives of people across the globe developing strategies to resolve conflict and bringing peace and wellbeing, to those in conflict-affected countries through her work with United Nations and the European Union.

My mission is to help you gain clarity, empowerment, and direction to live more fulfilling lives. I have comprehensive experience and expertise in strategic intervention and transformation processes helping others. 

Personally, I have been through many struggles and challenges in my life (including traumas, professional struggles, toxic relationships, serious health issues, the death of people close to me, as well as debt). I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and stuck. I felt that my voice was not heard and I lacked confidence in myself, but I decided that I had a choice: either to be a victim or else to step up and change and take hold of the reins of my life.


I made a strong determined decision and commitment to transform my life. 

I decided to study strategic intervention, personal development, and life coaching in top-quality academies.  I am grateful that I was mentored by high-quality coaches and inspiring leaders. I drew from my past 3 decades of experience working in different countries and with different people being in service to others and contributing to peace, clarity, and transformation.


Who do I want to Help?

My transformation process has been lengthy but also wonderfully enlightening. This is why I feel so passionate about helping women at life’s crossroads. I want to give a helping hand to others, so they can navigate changes in their life more fluidly and make it sustainable.

I have gone through it the hard and long way, and I would like to facilitate and speed up the process for others. I truly believe that living connected to one’s true values, respecting one's needs and aspirations, and understanding transformation processes enables one to live a more fulfilling life. 

I want to help women redesign their life to experience fulfillment, peace of mind, connection to their inner flame and free themselves of their chains so they can spread their wings and be successful in all areas of their lives. 

I help leaders maximise their potential and make transformations. I help you strengthen your self-awareness and your agile growth mindset for personal empowerment and resilience

I am committed to helping and certain that I can help others with empathy and skill. I am very grateful for the opportunity and joy of having impacted and continuing to impact positively on people’s lives. Life transformation coaching provides you with the support to navigate life changes and struggles, helping you live the life you want. I empower clients with the accountability, insight and focus they need to achieve the high-level and consistent results they rightly insist upon. I help clients overcome their challenges and progress to achieve their dreams. I believe with certainty that change is possible.  Are you hungry for more out of life?

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